I make Websites and mobile apps for you



Website Design

I can build websites, tailored to your requirements from the ground up. We involve you from the beginning in the design process, asking for your feedback throughout the process until your satisfaction.

Responsive Design

My website designs follow a responsive design pattern, which means that they will work and look beautiful on any device that your clients view it on, whether it is a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer.


I provide consulting services to help you scale for large amounts of traffic and also help you make your website more secure for your clients.


I can also build advanced web projects and mobile applications that involve databases and user authentication as well as payment gateways tailored to your requirements.



Search Engine Optimization will help give you better visibility to search engines. I can also write blog posts for you to help improve your credibility and search engine rankings.

Adwords Campaign

I can help you find new customers by creating ads with text that will help attract relevant customers. I also perform keyword analysis to help target relevant customers for you.

Facebook Marketing

Social media presence is an important part of running a successful online business these days. I will help create Facebook marketing pages for you and write relevant posts for your business to help you gain followers.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking customers and seeing which steps lead to a successful conversion is important if you want to maximize profits. I can help set up conversion tracking for you by integrating the power of Google Analytics® into your website.

About Me

Hi! I'm Umar and I am an experienced programmer handling the development of web based application and mobile apps

With over eight years of experience in the web development industry, I am a fullstack developer with complete end to end expertise of both the backend and the frontend technologies required to run a complex modern day website. We not only help you with the development of the website but also with marketing it on multiple channels like Facebook, Google Ads etc. My deep knowledge of analytics and conversion tracking helps you track your customers and track conversions via Google Analytics.

My experience in copywriting will also help with your online web presence. I can also help you gain followers and traction online by creating different social media outlets for you (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and provide services write blog posts for you to increase your search engine ranking for your organization.


Don't take my word for it, have a look at what some of my clients say,


We had the pleasure of working with Cinch software for several years, collaborating on multiple projects. Their ability to juggle multiple projects is outstanding and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team.

Hammarsleven AB

The built-in technology by Cinch Software on the website to handle inbound sales and effective follow-up of visitors has given us sales far beyond expectation. We had the goal of making a nice website,  we got so much more!


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Tell me about your requirements and I will send you a quote.